Report on National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) Outreach Partnership Program Annual Meeting

SSG R&E represented the Southern California Region during the annual NIMH Outreach Partnership Program conference at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda in July 2016.

During the partner sharing session, Erica Shehane, Director of SSG Research and Evaluation, presented on SSG R&E’s work to educate the public about mental health and research processes. Larry Rozner, artist from The Painted Brain, created a comic book adaptation of NIMH’s Men and Depression brochure that was produced in English and Spanish. We were grateful to see that the national audience found these comic strips useful for disseminating science-based information to young adults. We also shared about our work with Visión y Compromiso to train promotores about research ethics and community based participatory research projects.

Could your work in mental health services, policy, advocacy or research benefit from the latest mental health research findings?

As the Southern California Outreach Partner for NIMH, SSG R&E is committed to disseminating science-based mental health information throughout the region. We can help you obtain NIMH publications at no cost (or reduced cost), locate other research findings to support your work, learn about opportunities to participate in current research studies and more! Please click here for more information.