Los Angeles Department of Water & Power (LADWP) Non-Profit Community Partnership

SSG R&E is the Peer Facilitator for the 19 grantees of LADWP’s Community Partnership Outreach Grant for Non-Profit Organizations. Granted on a yearly cycle, SSG R&E, in collaboration with independent consultant Stephanie Taylor, has served in the role of Peer Facilitator for the past 3 years, beginning in 2013 and continuing through the current grant period from November 2015-November 2016. As the Peer Facilitator, we provide technical assistance and build the capacity of the non-profit grantee organizations to conduct an evaluation of their proposed programs. Through our one-on-one technical assistance and peer convenings, grantees receive training and resources to measure the effectiveness and outcomes of their outreach programs.


The Los Angeles Department of Water & Power (LADWP) Non-Profit Community Partnership Outreach Grant program selects non-profit organizations within each of the 15 Council Districts in the City of Los Angeles to conduct outreach and education to improve water conservation and energy efficiency in and across Los Angeles communities. The program seeks to engage community members through their local community organizations, to increase awareness and access to LADWP and other water and energy resources. The aim is to ultimately effect behavior change in individuals, at businesses, and in neighborhoods to conserve water and power.