Mission & Values


We unlock the power of data to strengthen communities through research, training, and evaluation.


As a nonprofit organization, SSG R&E seeks to uphold our core values in the work that we do. These values reflect our beliefs as individuals and our culture as a team.

  • Social Justice: Our projects are designed to support communities’ self-determination and power to challenge inequitable systems.
  • Community Benefit: We ensure that projects produce tangible benefits which remain in communities after the research process ends.  
  • Transparency: We are honest and open about our capacity, skills, and processes so that partners and clients understand how and why we make decisions.
  • Cultural Responsiveness: We strive to understand the complexity of cultures and communities, to ground our work and produce meaningful results.



  • Choosing partners with similar goals and values
  • Communicating clearly and frequently with stakeholders throughout the project
  • Building in flexibility in our work in order to respond to community preferences and changes
  • Using participatory approaches for project design and scope
  • Honoring community expertise and priorities by following their lead
  • Listening and working to include diverse stakeholders
  • Incorporating capacity building to promote retention of research benefits
  • Creating shared ownership of the data, evaluation process, and design
  • Delivering intentional and meaningful products